About me

Hi, My name is Ian. I am 15 years old and I live in Canada!

I’m a Graphic and Motion Designer. I have been a Freelance designer for about a year now and continue to strive to improve my skills to hopefully one day become a professional designer. I specialize in high quality, affordable and creative designs. Be sure take a look around my website if you’re interested!

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Check out my past work I have done by visiting my portfolio page! There you can find a variety of things, like banners, avatars, intros and more.
I’ll update them regularly so you can see my lasted work.


Need Graphics?

Visit my Pricelist page for packages and prices for graphics! You can also view the FAQ for info about ordering.


Check out my YouTube channel for speedarts,tutorials,giveaways,gaming videos and more!
Also check out my twitter account for stuff I’m working on,more giveaways and to just come and talk to me!